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Norse Knights began as "Norse Night", a weekly gathering of a group of individuals of common ancestry to learn about their Norse culture and heritage. It can be as simple as the days of the week being named after our ancestors, yet this fact is not taught. Thus the next logical question, what else is not being taught? That curiosity and search for truth draws us together. The group is comprised of individuals in age from the loosely defined GenX and Millenniums.

Science and technology have evolved, and so has human understanding. Unfortunately, the predominant belief systems have not, and have effected our society to the point that these antequated systems are still in place and negatively effect our everyday lives.

The Doctrine of the Norse Knights is an evolutionary set of beliefs which emphasize biological, social, and spiritual evolution utilizing science, knowledge, and history. As an evolutionary belief system, it will evolve as our science, knowledge, and technology grows.

It's about evolving your soul, which is all about a belief in yourself and each other as soulmates. The pursuit of the intense attraction, love, obsession, lust that you feel toward your soulmate, and the higher state of being it creates. It is this state of being that is key. "Seid" is the art of crafting your mind and perception to achieve and maintain this state of being. By utilizing different types of mental discipline techniques, governed by reason and logic and driven by the pursuit of perfection and excellence, you experience these extremely intense emotional states; this is the process to evolve spiritually.


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